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Hat care

Hat care

No need to say - it's important to take care of your hat as any other item in your closet so that you can enjoy wearing it years to come.All Reverie wool felt hats and bands are handmade, so there's a small chance there will be some imperfections in materials or colour differences. But hey - each hat is unique and small imperfections are a part of it. :)

Cleaning your fedora or straw hat

1. It's best to use a hat-cleaning brush to remove the buildup of dust, but if you don't have one, use a clean, soft brush to gently brush the hat in small, counter-clockwise motions moving with a natural grain of the felt.

2. Lint roller is also a good choice if you want to remove any visible dust or pet hair from your hat.

3. For make-up stains, use a damp cloth or wet wipe and gently work out the stain or smudge.

4. If your sweatband needs some cleaning as well, use a small brush (a new toothbrush could do the trick), water, and mild soap to gently scrub your sweatband and remove dirt.

5. It's best to store your hat in a box to keep it clean and preserve its shape.

6. Avoid storing your hat in a plastic bag, as this can trap moisture and promote mold growth.

7. If your hat gets misshapen, you can reshape it by steaming it or by gently bending it with your hands.

8. Straw hats are not waterproof, so it's important to avoid getting them wet. If your hat does get wet, dry it off immediately with a clean towel.

Preserving hat shape

1. All Reverie wool felt hats have a stiffening agent applied to ensure that they maintain their shape.

2. However, overtime hat can loose its shape due to incorrect storing - but there's nothing to worry about. To restore the shape of the brim, use a steamer (or a steam from the kettle), and lightly steam the underside and top of the brim. Then, lay it on a flat, clean surface and use your hands to push down on the brim to flatten it. Leave the hat to dry.

3. Do not apply iron directly to your hat - the heat can damage it.

4. Do not wet your hat, but if you get caught in the rain, dry the hat immediately with a towel and leave it to dry on a flat, clean surface.